Recipe #97: Roasted Sweet Potato & White Bean Dip

Think hummus, but better. It has some of the same flavours with the tahini, cumin and garlic, but this bean dip has it’s own twist which made it so good. For one, it has roasted sweet potato which adds sweetness and gives the dip a nice orange colour. Also, because it uses white beans (instead of chickpeas as in hummus), I found it to be much creamier and smooth.

I don’t think I have ever made a bean dip before and this will definitely not be my last time. I have nothing bad to say. It was just a well-seasoned dip with a touch of spice from the cayenne pepper. Before serving, I put a little olive oil and paprika on top, then ate it with cucumber, carrots and pita wedges. I’ll admit I’ve also been eating it plain, on a spoon – don’t judge me, it’s that good (haha).

Final thoughts: you’ll love this bean dip more than hummus, believe me


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