Recipe #95: Honey Mustard & Herb Roasted Chicken

The cookbook says this chicken is finger lickin’ good and I think I agree. All the honey, lots of dijon mustard and herbs (I used dried) in the marinade gave the chicken such a nice flavour. I also really liked the addition of lemon in the marinade and the slices that cooked along with the chicken. They got a little caramelized and tasted good. Everything was perfectly cooked too.

It’s a shame though because I cooked my chicken on a pan lined with foil and most of the excess marinade burned to the foil which even went through and stuck on to the pan itself (this was not fun to clean). But I moved the chicken to a different pan, lined with parchment, and basted it with whatever remaining marinade and it was worked out. The chicken still had tons of flavour because it had marinated for hours in the fridge.

This was a great main protein and I served it with couscous and roasted vegetables. It was a straightforward and delicious home cooked meal.

Final thoughts: really good sweet and tangy chicken


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