Sushi & Fresh Rolls

Two posts in one day, that’s right! I know I post quite a bit for my cookbook challenge but I am also trying to make non-challenge posts. So I posted my homemade kimchi earlier today (click to see post) and now here is what I made on the weekend. Fresh spring rolls and sushi.. they are so cheap to make at home and they taste great. I will say that I only intended to make sushi but then I ran out of rice and used all the extra fillings (+ rice paper & romaine lettuce) to make some fresh spring rolls. So they may have been an afterthought but they were still quite delicious.

These types of things (rolls) are great to make for guests because it’s easy to make a lot and everyone will think you spent all day making them, which you didn’t.. at least I didn’t haha. It takes a little time to cut all the ingredients into thin sticks but once you have everything ready – a nice ‘mise en place’ – it takes no time to put it all together. You may also need some practice with the rolling to make sure the rice layer isn’t too thick and the roll is tight enough. So with time for prep and practice, you can have some delicious sushi and spring rolls.

You can put whatever ingredients you want in sushi, it is very customizable. I prepped a variety of things and made 3 different combinations for my rolls. I had: carrot and avocado; spicy tuna and cucumber; bell pepper and mango. I chose those mixes for maximum colour and texture contrasts. Note: it’s important when making your rolls to not over-stuff the rolls or else it will all fall out when trying to roll it up. So that is why I only chose 2 ingredients for each roll.

For the spring rolls, I basically wrapped all my leftover ingredients (minus tuna) into rice paper along with crunchy lettuce. I also made a peanut dipping sauce with peanut butter, rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey and sriracha. It was so good and gave the rolls a nice creaminess.

Loved this meal, now it’s your turn to get rolling 🙂


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  1. Looks so impressive! 🙂


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