Recipe #93: Thai Yellow Curry Shrimp

Here we are with the third and final thai curry recipe in this cookbook. I had bought a large jar of green curry paste so that’s what I used here, just like with the other curry recipes that I made. The flavour is pretty much the same, they just vary in their levels of spice.

I made a couple other changes to the recipe. One, I substituted extra firm tofu for the shrimp (for dietary reasons) – it has a similar texture so I thought it would be alright. I will say that I think it might have been better if I had browned the tofu before adding it in just to give it a little more texture/colour, but it was still good. This made it vegetarian/vegan but I think it would also be good with chicken. Also, to avoid having two forms of soy in this dish, I used zucchini instead of edamame. I added it to the pan at the same time as the onions and peppers. Everything else was the same, but yes, I know it looks a little different from the picture in the cookbook. It had all the same flavours though, so the essence of the dish was still there.

I really liked this dish. The base of thai curry with the coconut milk was super creamy and rich. But then you get the sweet pineapple and all the veggies which balances the heat. The pineapple also gave the broth a bit of acidity which sort of cut some of the creaminess. I just served it over brown rice which really soaked up the curry flavours nicely.

Final thoughts: tasty curry, very easy to make it your own.


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