Recipe #89: Greek Lentil Salad

I really love greek salad. I love all the veggies and feta cheese and the dressing with lots of garlic and oregano. It’s just so good. So, it makes sense that I enjoyed this salad too.

This salad had all the things I love about traditional greek salad but with the addition of lentils which make it more filling and give a protein boost. I also really like all the freshness from the parsley and mint, adds so much extra flavour. It was a good mix of textures, colours and tastes which resulted in a delicious salad.

This would be a great lunch or light dinner. It was also super quick to prepare because there is no cooking involved (if using the canned lentils like I did). You just have to chop all the veggies, make the dressing then mix it all together. Easy as can be.

Final thoughts: super fresh greek flavours with good source of protein


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