Recipe #87: Chicken & Mango Salad

This was a really good salad. Super crunchy veggies, ripe mango, cooked chicken and a simple asian dressing, it was perfect. This was not your typical boring chicken salad. I love that there were so many different colours, it almost looked like a rainbow. I think my favourite part was the mango. It just added this extra boost of freshness and sweetness.

This salad just worked because it was tied together with that yummy sesame-ginger dressing. It had nice asian flavours and I liked that there was lots of sesame oil in it. And I will definitely use it as a marinade for salmon because I think it would taste delicious.

You can’t really get much fresher than this and you can feel good when you eat it. The chicken helped to turn it into a meal instead of just a side salad, but you could replace the chicken with soy beans or hard boiled egg too.

Final thoughts: delicious chicken salad with lots of bright colours and flavours.


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