Recipe #86: Thai Green Curry Superfood Soup

I get so sad when I make a recipe and it doesn’t turn out how it’s supposed to. I was so excited for this soup because it had so many yummy flavours in it, but the result did not look anything like the picture in the book.

I made the soup as instructed, and it was smelling and looking perfect. But when I went to blend it, using an immersion blender, it did not get smooth at all. It wasn’t chunky but I guess it couldn’t fully break down all the kale so it was very fibrous. Because of that, when eating, it just had a strange mouth feel and I sort of had to chew the soup. So that was a little disappointing. I think maybe using a high powered blender would have gotten it super smooth so I’ll try that for next time.

Texture aside, this soup had a really nice flavour. I liked the thai curry with the creamy coconut milk and there were so many green veggies packed into it. This soup was also very easy to make and it came together in about 20 minutes.

Final thoughts: nice flavour but make sure you have a strong blender


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