Recipe #85: Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

Burgers are such a great dinner and they’re so versatile to make. These ones were made with ground turkey so they were much lighter than a regular beef burger, and they had a nice greek taste. I really liked all the spinach in them, it made them healthier too. I also liked the addition of pesto to the meat mixture, it’s not something you usually see in a burger. They turned out very juicy and well-cooked.

For my burgers, I made them dairy free by replacing the feta cheese with chopped olives. They had the same saltiness that the cheese would have given, so that was good. The only other thing I changed was that I added a couple more spoons of oats because the mixture seemed a little too wet. When cooking the burgers (I pan fried them), they held together nicely so I was pleased with that.

I kept toppings for the burger pretty simple with just lettuce, tomato, cucumber and red onion. That’s all these turkey burgers needed, and they were delicious.

Final thoughts: loved this greek-flavoured patty, it’s a good change from a classic burger.


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