Recipe #83: Strawberry & Watermelon Salad

I have not made a salad from this cookbook that I have not enjoyed. Seriously, every salad has been delicious and I am so impressed. There is always so much colour and freshness, and it really makes it easy to eat healthy.

This strawberry and watermelon salad was so good. I loved the sweetness of the fruits with the crunchy cucumber and salty feta cheese. It was sort of a fruity greek salad which might sound weird but it was awesome. It was so refreshing and it almost made me feel like it was summertime (and not -10 C outside).

I honestly don’t have much more to say about this salad. It was so good and you need to make it. I will for sure be making this again when it is actually summer and I can use local strawberries.

Final thoughts: such an amazing, fresh salad


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