Recipe #82: Maple Curry Chicken

I knew this chicken recipe was going to be a good one because that marinade was so tasty. There was such a nice balance of sweet and spicy with the curry powder, and itΒ  so good. Plus, the actual marinade took about 5 minutes to make, so nothing is easier than that. I just let the chicken sit in the fridge for 5 hours to really soak in all those yummy flavours, and then it was ready to pop in the oven.

The whole time it was cooking, you could smell the curry, it was so good. And after 40 minutes, it was ready to eat. The chicken was so tender and flavourful. It was not too spicy but it was perfectly spiced. I will definitely be making this again, this is a keeper.

Final thoughts: tasty maple curry marinade, loved this chicken


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