Recipe #80: Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter

I will start by saying that I have never made any sort of nut butter before, and honestly, after making this one, I’m not sure I want to again. It tasted delicious, but it was just more work than I expected. There was nothing difficult about this almond butter, but it seems the food processor I own isn’t super high powered, so it took a long time to actually get the right consistency of the almonds. I ended up having to take some of the almond crumbs out and process it in batches, which got the job done. I also had to add about 1 tbsp more oil to add more moisture. So I would only make this again if I got a new processor.

After about 30 minutes and a lot of scraping down the sides, I finally got almond butter. I hope I didn’t discourage anyone from making nut butter at home, but as long as you have a heavy duty processor, you should have no trouble. And again, the result was really tasty, which made everything better for me.

I really liked the roasted flavour that the almonds had, it added a richness to the almond butter. Also, the touches of cinnamon and vanilla were very nice. The final product wasn’t super sweet, too, which I liked because there are some store-bought butters that are just overly sugary. I was quite impressed with the results and I encourage you to make it yourself if you have the patience and the right equipment.

Final thoughts: try making your own almond butter, it’s tastier than store bought


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