Recipe #79: Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

If you eat oatmeal all the time, you’d probably get bored of it pretty fast. I never thought of eating quinoa for breakfast but it was a great alternative and I really enjoyed it. This was a good 10 minute breakfast if you’re in a rush in the morning (cook the quinoa the night before so that it’s ready to use in the recipe).

The quinoa had a really nice texture and it was very creamy. I also liked the slight crunch from the apple and almonds, as well as the extra sweetness from the maple syrup and craisins. Everything just worked together. I mean, apple-cinnamon is such a classic combination, who doesn’t love those things. It was a nice warm bowl of goodness and an awesome way to start my day.

Final thoughts: switch up your breakfast game with some quinoa.


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