Recipe #72: Chicken Potpie Chowder

To me, chicken potpie is one of the most comforting meals you can make. It’s great on a cold winter day, which is pretty much every day recently. But turning that meal into a chowder is a great idea. You get all the good flavours you know and love, but in the warmth of a soup. This dish was ready in about 30 minutes which is less time than it takes to make an actual chicken potpie. It was so easy and there was not too much prep work.

I really liked the taste of the chowder (mostly the thyme) but I liked the addition of all the veggies (potato, celery, peas, carrots). Also, the creamed corn gave a nice creaminess and made the soup a little thicker, like a chowder should be. I did replace the cream with unsweetened almond milk to keep it dairy free, but it didn’t affect the creamy factor. It also made it a bit less heavy and fatty which is always nice.

This was just a super chunky and filling chowder, with tons of chicken and vegetables. Loved this soup and will definitely make it again

Final thoughts: great flavours of chicken potpie, really good chowder.


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