Recipe #69: Fabulous Fish Tacos

Yes, they were fabulous. I love a good fish taco and these tacos hit the spot. The fish was yum. The mango salsa was yum. The lime mayo was yum. Each component was delicious but then all together in a (whole wheat) tortilla, everything was better.

Let’s break it down though. The fish – I used pollock fillets – was so simple but tasty. It was just cooked in a pan and seasoned with lime juice, salt and pepper. Next, the lime mayo. It was also super simple but put a nice twist on plain old mayonnaise. And I piped it on top to make it look nice. My fave part was the mango salsa. It was so fresh and colourful and I could have just eaten it as a salad on its own.

But like I said, all those things together just made for a delicious taco and great meal.

Final thoughts: really fresh and yummy fish taco, and the mango salsa is a must.


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