Recipe #65: Crunchy Asian Slaw

Been making a lot of salads recently, but that was just luck of the draw. I’m not mad about it though, they’ve all been so tasty. This asian coleslaw was delicious.

Before I get into this, I realize mine looks a little different from the picture in the book. That’s because my coleslaw mix only had green cabbage and carrots (so, no brussel sprouts or red cabbage). But I loved it anyways.

This slaw was super crunchy and I liked the touches of sweetness (and colour) from the bell pepper and snap peas. The asian hoisin dressing gave the cabbage and veggies really good flavour. It was a nice balance of sweet and salty with the garlic and ginger.

Final thoughts: super fresh and exciting coleslaw, with lots of asian flare.


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