Recipe #63: Wonton Taco Cups

All the recipes this week (and from the whole book) were super good, but I think this one has taken the cake.. until this point at least. There was nothing complicated or super fancy about this dish, but it just tasted so good and my family couldn’t stop saying how much they were enjoying it.

Let’s start with the wonton cup itself – it looked super cute and got nice and crispy in the oven. It also held its shape really well which made eating it less messy. Then the ground beef taco filling was super flavourful and super simple. I followed the recipe for taco seasoning and it had a little heat but also a touch of sweet for balance. That beef on its own would be delicious in a taco salad or just on some rice.

Now for all the yummy toppings. I used vegan cheese to keep things dairy free and I used this coconut yogurt (also dairy free) to replace sour cream. I had never tried this coconut yogurt before but it tasted pretty good with everything else – had the same tang of sour cream. So those things added a lot of nice creaminess, but then I also added delicious guacamole, as well as cilantro and green onions.

I made half the batch (12 wonton cups), which we ate for dinner, and they were devoured. No leftovers at all. That’s definitely a success to me

Final thoughts: whether you want these for a party appetizer or weeknight dinner, these wonton cups will be a hit


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