Recipe #61: Sensational Spinach Salad

Before I get to this post, I just wanted to quickly say happy new year! Welcome to 2019! I’m hoping this is going to be a great year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. I am now into month 6 of this cookbook challenge which is crazy to think because it feels like yesterday that I started it. I have already made 60 recipes and now I am on 61. Here is the link for my whole collection of Yum and Yummer posts (

Now for the first recipe of the year, which was so yummy. This is no ordinary spinach salad, this is truly a sensational one. It might be the combination of all the colours and flavours. I really liked the sweet fruit (I used blackberries) with the crunchy red onion, cucumber and almonds, and the creamy avocado. Every bite is a good one, and the citrusy poppy seed dressing is a keeper for sure. I decided to opt out of the chicken just to make the salad simpler to prepare and vegetarian-friendly.

Final thoughts: this really is a delicious spinach salad


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