Recipe #59: Carrot Cake Pancakes

All the delicious flavours of a carrot cake but in a form that is acceptable to eat at breakfast time. But I mean, it’s the holidays, if you want to eat cake for breakfast, I think you should! With that being said, I did enjoy the essence of carrot cake in pancakes. It is a nice variation on regular, plain pancakes.

I have made pancakes with shredded carrot before but I really liked using cooked/mashed carrots in this recipe. It gave a better texture and added moisture which was good. The pancakes turned out super fluffy and tasty. The coconut and walnuts were delicious inside too.

For the yogurt topping, I added some cream cheese, instead of using only greek yogurt. It added a different kind of tangy flavour and gave more of a cream cheese frosting vibe.

Final thoughts: yummy pancakes with the taste of carrot cake.


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  1. WhyToStop says:

    I like this recipe… looks so yummy


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