Christmas Eggrolls (Using Up Leftovers)

‘Tis the season for turkey with all the sides. Happy holidays everyone! I do not celebrate christmas but we coincidenteally had a christmas style meal the other night. We had roasted turkey breast and some stuffing made with cauliflower which was delicious (Riced Cauliflower Stuffing Recipe) and there were quite a bit of leftovers. Instead of just reheating the food, I wanted to reinvent it into something else. Thus, the eggroll.

I put the turkey in the food processor to grind it up and mixed that with the stuffing. At this point, it was looking a little dry, so I thought it would be a good idea to make some gravy to really stick it all together. I found this recipe on allrecipes and it was super simple and tasted delicious (Vegetarian Gravy Recipe). I made half of the recipe and cut down the salt content. I just mixed that with the turkey/stuffing mixture and then they were ready to roll. This mix tasted delicious just like this though.

I just rolled them in egg roll wrappers and sealing them with a water/ cornstarch mix. Then they got shallow fried and they were perfect. They only take a few minutes to cook because the filling was already cooked. You just want it to get golden brown on all sides. They were super crispy and delicious. I served them with cranberry jelly that I just put in the food processor to get it smooth.

If you have christmas leftovers, you should definitely make these egg rolls. It’s a nice way to eat leftovers without feeling like you’re eating leftovers.


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