Recipe #57: Silky Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This was a darn good butternut squash soup. I didn’t add any cream at the end and I don’t even think you’d need it. When you blend the soup, the squash and beans make it really creamy and rich, so you don’t need to add the extra fat and calories. Speaking of the beans though, I never would have thought to add beans to a blended soup, but you don’t taste them, and like I said, they add a lot of creaminess.

It was a relatively sweet soup – with butternut squash and pear – but it was not overpowering with sweetness. It was well seasoned and perfect for the holidays. This soup was also souper (haha see what I did there) simple and quick to make which is great if you are entertaining. Aside from roasting the squash (which I did in the morning), the soup came together in less than 30 minutes.

Oh I almost forgot to write about the sage… Well, I didn’t taste it at all. Maybe I needed to use more of it, not sure. If I make this soup again, I might just leave it out. But I do have a lot of leftover sage now, so if you have any recipe suggestions, please let me know!

Final thoughts: If you love thick and creamy soups, you will love this.


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