Recipe #56: Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This was another simple yet tasty side dish from this cookbook. And it’s probably going to be a shorter post because there just isn’t too much to say about these sweet potatoes aside from the fact that they were delicious. 

I love roasted sweet potatoes on their own, but eating them with a chili-lime dipping sauce is definitely an upgrade over plain ketchup. I opted for avocado as the base (instead of greek yogurt) because I just love avocado. The dip was basically guacamole so I was enjoying it. I would make it again, with greek yogurt, and I would probably like it as much.

The combination of the sweet potato with creamy avocado and some green onion was honestly just the perfect bite.

Final thoughts: if you’re going to have roasted potatoes, you have to make the dip too


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