Recipe #54: Speedy Chana Masala

If you’ve never heard of chana masala, it’s essentially just chickpeas in this indian curry tomato sauce. There are a few different spices (cumin, curry, garam masala, chili powder), but this was not a spicy dish. It was super flavourful and well balanced. I could have used a little heat, personally, but it was still delicious as is. Also, the house smelled so good while this was cooking.

The name of this recipe says it all – speedy. This was a super fast and easy recipe (just like my last post – Recipe #53) so I loved that. I may even go out and say that this one was slightly easier because a lot of the cooking time is just the tomato mixture simmering, so there is not that much active involvement in this dish. I made some basmati rice to serve with the chana and the amount of time it took my rice to cook, the chana masala was ready. If you want to serve this to guests, you can tell everyone you slaved in the kitchen all day, but we all know the truth.

But yeah, I have nothing bad to say about this recipe. I only added a little spinach near the end to give a little more colour and nutrition. It was a solid meal and I felt good eating it. And if you wanted to add some meat, I’m sure you could just chop up some cooked chicken and mix into the sauce.

Final thoughts: delicious indian meal that you can feel good about.


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