Recipe #52: Whole Wheat Pumpkin Biscuits

If you’re noticing that I’ve done a few pumpkin recipes in the last little while, you are very observant (Recipe 46ย and Recipe #49). It’s only because I opened a big can of pumpkin and wanted to use it up before it went bad. It’s nice there are multiple pumpkin recipes in this cookbook. All this pumpkin cooking makes me feel like it is still fall and not freezing cold outside. I wish.

So this recipe was a yummy one (I feel like I say this for every recipe, but it’s true). These biscuits were pretty easy to make and didn’t take very long in the oven. I ended up having 10 regular sized biscuits and I had so much extra dough, I made about 15 mini biscuits too. I’m not sure how I made so many when the recipe says it should make 10. Oh well, the more the merrier. These biscuits turned out fluffy and tender. They are kind of plain on their own but maple cinnamon butter adds the perfect amount of sweetness.

I like that these don’t have so much fat in them, the yogurt and pumpkin puree lightens them up while keeping them moist. I also like that the recipe calls for whole wheat flour, which makes them a little healthier too. 

The thing that took the most time was just making sure you measure the butters about an hour in advance to make sure they are ready to go. Also butter-related, I wasn’t a huge fan of grating the frozen butter into the flour mixture, it was just a little messy because it’s hard to keep it cold when your hands are so warm. But it did work well to get the butter into small pieces. 

Final thoughts: great biscuit, with an awesome cinnamony butter. 


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