Recipe #51: Cauli”flour” Crusted Quiche

I love a good quiche, but I usually either buy a frozen crust or just make it crustless. So this recipe, with a cauliflower crust, was definitely a first for me. I liked the idea of cauliflower but it definitely was more work than I’m used to for a quiche. I will say that it turned out pretty well though. I was surprised that it held together and tasted really good. It’s lighter than a typical quiche which is nice too. But it was a lot of steps and I used a lot of dishes, so I didn’t love that.

I decided to make this dairy free because of the ingredients that I had on hand and it actually still worked out nicely. So, I replaced the shredded cheese with some vegan shreds (I really like the brand Earth Island), used almond milk in the filling, and used nutritional yeast instead of parmesan in the crust. I also put some shreds in the crust mix to help it stick together.

Another change I made is switching out mushrooms for zucchini. Just personal taste – I’ve done it for every other recipe that’s called for mushrooms. 

One issue that I had was that when I poured in the egg mixture, it flooded my crust. So maybe my pie pan was not deep enough or I didn’t make my crust tall enough. But I cooked it as is and turned out nicely. And it wasn’t stuck in the pan at all which was a relief

I served this hot originally but I ate it cold the next day for lunch and it was equally delicious.

Final thoughts: pretty good gluten free quiche, but if you don’t want the extra work, using a pre-made crust would work too


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