Recipe #48: Butter Chicken Naan-Bread Pizzas

This was probably one of the easiest meals ever. You can have them ready in 20 minutes, which is amazing if you’re low on time. What makes them so quick and easy is that there are less than 10 ingredients and two of them (naan and butter chicken sauce) come ready to go. I also used chopped rotisserie chicken and just mixed that with some sauce, so that saved me a bit of time too.

The naan got super crispy in the oven and all the toppings worked well together – crunchy peppers, creamy cheese (I used vegan shreds) and sweet pineapple. I honestly loved every bite of this pizza. There’s no way you won’t love this too. You could easily make this a vegetarian version by just using the butter chicken sauce without the chicken and it would be equally delicious.

I know these are categorized as an appetizer, but I served them as a dinner (almost like a personal pizza) with a side salad. It was a great meal.

Final thoughts: If you’re tired of regular tomato sauce pizza, definitely try using butter chicken sauce, it’ll change your world.


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