Recipe #47: Beef & Quinoa Meatloaf

Meatloaf is such a classic dish, but I feel like people either love it or hate it. I would probably never order it at a restaurant but I enjoy a good homemade meatloaf.. like this one! I have no complaints about this recipe and my family loved it (theirclean plates after dinner told me so haha). I think there is usually a bad reputation about meatloaf because it’s boring and flavourless, but this one was the complete opposite of those things.

I liked that the recipe called for quinoa instead of traditional bread crumbs, it was a nice twist and added a lot of nutrition. I made two simple changes to the recipe: I used nutritional yeast to replace the parmesan cheese; and I used a mixture of ketchup, chili powder and paprika in place of the bbq sauce.

This was a well-seasoned and moist meatloaf, which made for a really good main dish. I served it with some roasted baby potatoes and carrots. It was a real “homey” dinner, which I love. 

Final thoughts: delicious meatloaf recipe, you’ll be begging for more.

P.S. I was going to take a picture of before and after slicing the meatloaf, but I was so excited/hungry to eat it, that I forgot the “after” shot. Oopsy. 


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