Recipe #44: Beets & Sweets Buddha Bowls

I know I’ve said before that I love eating big bowls of food, so this dish was perfect. Buddha bowls are one of those things that are very versatile, so you can easily switch up the ingredients. I didn’t do any switching up here though because it was perfect as written.

This recipe was delicious. The combo of beets and sweet potatoes is nice (flavour, texture and colour), but then adding the kale and walnuts just contributes more to all of those things. Then the dressing just tied everything together. It was perfectly acidic but sweet too, and had a nice bite from the garlic.

This was a really good meal that you can feel good about too. It’s meatless, which is a nice change if you usually eat meat and it’s just packed with veggies and other yummy ingredients.

Final thoughts: you should give this buddha bowl a try.


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