Recipe #43: Lemony Salmon Bowtie Pasta

If you want a delicious and nutritious meal in around 30 minutes, this one is for you. I cooked a fresh salmon fillet in that time, but it would be even faster to make if you’re using canned or leftover cooked salmon. This recipe came together quite fast so make sure you have all the ingredients ready to go. So I cooked the salmon while the pasta was cooking and then I made the sauce after draining the pasta (and veggies). Once the sauce is thickened, everything gets mixed together in the pot and it’s ready to serve.

Although this is an alfredo style pasta, it was still healthy because of all the vegetables. Also, the sauce itself was pretty low fat – it used light cream (5%) versus most alfredos which call for whipping cream (35%). I really liked the fresh pepper and lemon in the sauce too. 

This was just one of those meals that you can feel good about. It has foods from all the food groups and it just tastes good. What more could you want?

Final thoughts: awesome creamy pasta dish with tons of goodness


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