Recipe #41: Indian Coconut Curry Chicken Thighs

I love curry. Tonight was a very flavourful dinner. I made this coconut curry chicken and curried coconut rice to go with it (I’ll be talking about that rice in my next post – #42 – will be up tomorrow!). But I’ll just say that this was a super awesome meal and these recipes went well together.

I did use chicken breasts so I was worried it would be a little dried out, but it was not! It was perfectly cooked and moist because of all that sauce it was cooking in. Speaking of the sauce, it tasted so good. With the creamy coconut milk and the curry/garam masala, it was packed with tons of indian flavour. I could eat that sauce on plain rice and I would be super happy.

Final thoughts: delicious curry chicken, not spicy but well-spiced. 


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