Recipe #39: Kaleslaw Salad

Here we go again with another delicious salad. I’ll also say that this was one of the prettiest salads, to date. I love both coleslaw and kale salad, so combining them together sounded amazing. This salad was also fun to make – I really enjoyed the kale massage. I know rubbing the kale with the dressing helps to make it less tough and easier to eat, but I just love playing with my food.

I already mentioned that this salad was so pretty – nice contrasting of the green, purple and orange – and it kind of had a halloween-coloured theme haha. The other ingredients in the salad – green onion, sweet cranberries and fresh parsley – just worked well together too, visually and taste-wise . Then the dressing was so good (Side note: I’ve used dijon mustard in 2 recipes this week and I’m really into it now). It gives a nice pop, but it’s being balanced by the other flavours in the dressing. No complaints! I had some extra dressing so I just put it in the fridge and will use it another day.

Final thoughts: Awesome salad/coleslaw and I’m keeping that dressing recipe for future use.



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