Recipe #30: Cheesy Caprese Chicken

I made it to #30! Wow, that’s an accomplishment. I am almost 1/3 through this challenge which is kind of exciting for me. I’m enjoying making all these new dishes and following recipes – before this challenge, I never really liked to use recipes, I usually prefer to make things up as I go when I cook. So it’s been a learning curve for me but I love it.

Now onto this recipe… I love caprese salad – the combo of cheese, tomato and basil is such a classic – and this recipe gave it a twist. This chicken was delish. The chicken itself was moist and perfectly cooked but then there were so many good things on top. It had the yummy roasted tomatoes with that balsamic reduction (same one from the fruit and feta skewers – Fruit and Feta Skewers with Mint), gooey, melty cheese (I used vegan cheese for kosher purposes), and some fresh basil. It was super colourful and just good!

I served it with a simple green salad and roasted delicata/sweet potato squash. It was a great friday night meal.


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