Recipe #28: Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Parfaits

Yum yum yum. I think that’s a good way to start this post. I love cheesecake and I really liked the idea of making it into a layered dessert. It also adds to the visual appeal. Aside from just looks though, this dessert tasted really good too.

For one, the blueberry sauce/compote was super easy to make and delicious on its own. I will for sure make it again andΒ put it on toast or eat it with yogurt for breakfast. And then the yogurt mixture was yummy too. It was mostly just lemon yogurt but the addition of the cream cheese gave it the transition to cheesecake flavour. To complete the “cheesecake-ness” of the dessert, there were graham cracker crumbs. You really couldn’t go wrong with this recipe.

I used a slightly smaller cup than in the book (I made 1.5x the recipe and got 10 servings) but I think this was a perfect size. And they looked pretty cute in these wine glasses. I served these on the weekend and my family loved them.

Final thoughts: a great way to lighten up cheesecake, perfect for a crowd.


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