Recipe #25: Fruit and Feta Skewers with Mint

The title of this basically says it all. Skewers with fruit, feta and mint. Oh, plus there was a balsamic reduction that I made myself. This was such a simple appetizer that had very little preparation and turned out delicious.

I had never made a balsamic reduction before and I really liked this one. It took a little bit longer to reduce down than it said in the book, but maybe I just didn’t have the temperature high enough during simmering. Either way, it ended up being so good alone and of course, on the skewers. The tangy balsamic worked well with the sweet fruit and salty feta cheese. They were gobbled up so fast because they were that good.

I will say that it would definitely be simpler to just toss everything into a bowl and turn it into the salad, but eating food on sticks is much more fun (IMO haha). But they did look very pretty, although I didn’t have the fanciest of platters – I guess I wanted to continue the fruit theme with the grape plate. It was a little whimsical and fun.

Final thoughts: Great combo of ingredients, yummy reduction sauce.


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