Recipe #24: Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

I think I’ve only had tabbouleh salad once in my life and I liked the flavours but I wasn’t a huge fan of the bulgur (cracked wheat). When I saw this recipe, I was pretty happy because there was quinoa in its place. While it may not be as traditional, it was a nice revamp of a classic dish.

There was nothing I didn’t like about this recipe. From the yummy veggies to the zippy lemon-garlic dressing to the fresh herbs (parsley + mint) to the pop from the pomegranate, this salad was super balanced and delicious. And look how many different colours are in it – you’re basically eating a rainbow (haha)! And there is nothing unhealthy about it… really. You can eat this salad without feeling bad at all, especially if you’ve eaten a few pieces of banana bread (like I did yesterday). It’s all about moderation! If you haven’t seen that post, make sure you check it out (Banana Walnut Snack Cake).

I had this salad for dinner with some baked sole fillets. I will definitely be having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Just yum!

Final thoughts: if you like tabbouleh, you’ll love this twist on it.


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