Recipe #16: Roasted Acorn Squash

Squash season is upon us so the timing of this recipe was perfect. I love all kinds of squash and I’m really loving acorn squash specifically because it’s so tasty and you can eat the skin! I also love the squash because it looks so pretty when sliced this way.

This roasted squash was a great side dish – I served it along side some salmon – it was quite a nice accompaniment. I really liked the flavour of the squash with the sweetness from the maple syrup and complexity of the garam masala

Final thoughts: a simple, solid side dish


Side note – if you’re jewish, you know today is a fasting day, so I actually cooked this recipe on monday and posted today so that I could stay on schedule. Oh how I wish I could eat some of this squash right now.. or at least eat anything. So hungry, only 4 more hours to go though


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