Recipe #14: Beef Bowlrito

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love big bowls of food, so I really enjoyed tonight’s dinner. Mexican beef with lots of toppings on a bed of cilantro lime rice – what’s not to like? Nothing!

The actual toppings I used were corn, black beans, tomato, green onions, guacamole and cilantro. I put so much stuff that I ended up covering all the delicious rice

This was a super delicious meal. The flavour of the ground beef was a little spicy because of the homemade taco seasoning recipe also in this cookbook (I added a little cayenne pepper to the original recipe) but it was well-balanced with the sweetness from the ketchup. And with the cooling avocado and crunchy veggies, it was just a lovely combination of textures

Final thoughts: good burrito flavour in the comfort of a bowl


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