​Recipe #6: Greek Yogurt Lemon Raspberry Scones

I haven’t made a scone in a long time so this was a nice breakfast. I love anything with lemon and raspberry, but together, those flavors combined to make a delicious scone. And the citrus pop in the glaze made things even yummier – even though it got a little melted because the scones were a bit warm when I glazed them

The only adjustment I made to the recipe was using coconut greek yogurt instead of vanilla. The coconut added a touch more tropical flavour but it was subtle

There was one other thing that almost went wrong. I initially forgot to add the raspberries into the dough, but they did make it in afterwards

Because of that, the dough got a little more worked and the butter was a bit softer but the scones still turned out lovely. I just had to cook them for a couple minutes longer than instructed in the recipe.

Final thoughts: super good scone and would definitely make again, maybe experimenting with other fruits


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