​Calgary: Sky 360 Restaurant

In Calgary, one of the most famous things there is the calgary tower. So we had to go. You can either just go up to the top or you can go up and eat at the sky 360 restaurant. We chose the latter.

But we went up to the top before lunch and that gave a cool view of the city. It would have been a nicer view but the wildfires in BC have brought a lot of smoke there which made everything foggy. It also makes the air quality quite poor – I could feel my throat was very dry and irritated.

Anyways, back to the restaursnt. It is a revolving dining room which I had never experienced before so that was pretty cool. At lunch time (when we went) it rotates once every 45 minutes so it’s not moving so quickly but still fast enough to notice.

Now for the food. I ordered fish tacos with fries. Pretty classic dish. The fish was cod which was battered and fried. There was also a nice cabbage slaw, shredded carrots and a nice aioli all stuffed into 3 tacos. It didn’t look like that much food but I was getting so full after the second one. But of course, I pushed through and managed to finish everything haha. It was good. And the fries were super crispy and just salty enough but not overdone.

Overall, it was a really good meal and I would definitely recommend it.


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