Banff: Sandwich + Beer

I guess there is nothing really representative of banff itself in this meal, but it is just what I ate while in banff, AB yesterday.

We went to this somewhat hidden place called squish sandwich bar in the heart of the banff village. It’s a very cool place that serves food, drinks and they have board games. You could probably stay there for hours.

I ordered the tuna grill sandwich (I think that’s what it was called) which had tuna, cheese, tomato, banana peppers and sriracha mayo. They stuff all that between two pieces of bread then grill it until super crunchy and the cheese is melty.

All the sandwiches come with either soup of the day, potato salad or green salad. As you can see, I chose the soup. When I went, it was tomato basil – it was super delicious and fresh.

To go along with all that food, I got a wheat ale beer called grasshopper from big rock brewery which is an alberta company. 

Everything was super good and tasted very fresh. The portion size was pretty large. I would definitely go back there in the future if I’m ever in banff again.

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