​Vancouver: Chinese Food

Here I am, continuing with travel posts! First stop is vancouver and everyone knows that there is a lot of Chinese food here. We went to a place called peaceful restaurant and the food was amazing!

We started with these beef rolls (not pictured) which this restaurant is known for – it was a flaky dough stuffed with green onion and beef flavored with hoisin. So good and crunchy.

Then we had a noodle feast:

1. Beef and spinach noodle soup which might seem like a weird choice on a hot day but it was so comforting

2. Spicy shredded beef with tons and ginger and spice. Super crispy

3. General tao chicken which was sweet and spicy and tender pieces of meat

*this type of noodle is handmade in house which makes it super fresh

This was a really good meal and I almost felt like I had to be rolled out of the restaurant because I was so full haha.


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  1. Beef Roll Connoisseur says:



    1. Peaceful restaurant! They have several locations around vancouver


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