Recipe #2: Stuffed Roasted Acorn Squash

This was a super yummy dinner and surprisingly quite filling. This recipe basically has 2 parts to it – sweet roasted squash and moroccan spiced quinoa.

I used slightly smaller acorn squashes than the recipe called for which meant it had less cooking time in the oven. I also used garam masala instead of cinnamon (as suggested in the recipe) which gave another level of yummy ‘spiciness’ and flavour. Now let’s talk about the quinoa which was definitely the star of this meal in my opinion. I would love to just eat that quinoa all day every day, it was so good. But stuffed inside the squash and eating it together was even better. I loved the sweet currants and the fresh parsley; they went perfectly with the super fragrant spices that were used in the quinoa.

I would 100% make this quinoa again because it was that good. Now that I think about it, you could probably use couscous instead of quinoa too.

Final thoughts: delicious meal and great meatless option.


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