Sweet and Spicy Soft Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos?? I know I have a few taco posts already (Chickpea Soft TacosSalmon TacosFish Tacos ), but now, here is another one to add to the collection!

I had this soy chorizo (soyrizo) in my fridge and I thought it would be a great base for a taco. (Side note: I had never tried this product before, but it’s basically the same as veggie ground beef but it has lots of spices in it like chilli powder which gives a little heat). So I quickly heated that up in a pan with a splash of water then put that in my tortilla. I topped that with shredded lettuce, a bit of diced mango for sweetness, then put some sour cream and sriracha for extra creaminess and heat, respectively.

This was a solid lunch. I think adding some chickpeas might have been good too, and they would have added extra protein. I also should have added some avocado cause all tacos need avocado. But, I really enjoyed this, especially with the addition of the mango.


Yes, this is my first cooking post since being back from europe and I’m so excited to cook a lot more and share it with all of you guys!! But also, I will be going travelling again soon so keep a look out for more of my travel food posts šŸ™‚



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