London: Indian Street Food

I know you might be thinking to yourself: “london is the place to go for fish and chips so why did you not post about fish and chips??”, and to that, I say that I did have fish and chips there (which were delicious!!) but I didn’t want to have 2 posts about the same meal. So if you want to read about some fish and chips, I made a post about it here (Dublin Pub Grub).

Another big thing in london is indian food. We went to the broadway market in hackney and there were so many vendors selling such good looking food. I picked indian because it was on my list of things to try but it also just smelled delicious.

I got a chickpea and potato daal (type of curry/stew) which came with a samosa. I know it looks a little sloppy and not that attractive in the picture but trust me when I say it was tasty. Indian food has so many layers and different ingredients and they all come together to make a great dish. The daal had so many spices and on top, they put some tamarind sauce, a yogurt sauce, coriander and some crispy puffed rice. It was so good. You can tell it was made fresh and with quality ingredients. Then there was the samosa – I know it was fresh because he was finishing frying it as he was serving my daal. It was a veggie samosa which had lots of spices in it and it was nice and crispy.

Indian food is one of my favourite cuisines because it’s always so flavourful and has tons of spices but it doesn’t have to always be spicy, which is nice. This was a good meal and in fact, it was so much food, I split it up into 2 meals that day.


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  1. WhyToStop says:

    I love love Indian food… that’s the reason that i don’t get to try other cuisines much.. yummy postπŸ˜‹

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    1. Haha it’s always nice to expand but Indian is a good choice!


      1. WhyToStop says:

        I know…😍

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  2. londonhindiincest says:

    Indian food is great. Miss it so much in Holland


    1. You should go make a trip to london then haha


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