Edinburgh: Baked Potato Shop

Before I get into this post, I just wanted to say I meant to upload this while I was away but between bad internet and just being busy enjoying my vacation, I didn’t have a chance (sorry). But I’m doing it now, and I’ll be making 2 more similar travel posts shortly after this one, so make sure you check those out too!

So, after dublin, we flew to edinburgh scotland. Everyone knows that haggis is a big dish there, but I didn’t really want to try real haggis (for those who don’t know, haggis is basically ground up oful/organs). We saw a few places that advertised veggie haggis and I was so down to try it but also just to see what it was. We found this specific place called the Baked Potato Shop which has so many fillings, including veggie haggis, to stuff in a baked potato.

We chose the haggis one and it was super yummy. It was basically just onion, carrots, lentils, oats, nuts, bulgur and spices – all cooked down together. Before putting that in the potato, they put some garlic butter, salt and pepper on the potato itself for another layer of flavour.

Honestly, it was so good. You might not think that the combination of just grains and veggies would be good but it was delicious. The fluffy potato with garlic butter combined with the slight crunch from the haggis was awesome. It almost reminded me of chilli on a baked potato but this is definitely healthier and much tastier (IMO). And also the portion size was huge. The picture you see was the whole stuffed potato, but I shared that with my friend and we were both so full after – I can’t imagine eating the whole thing on my own. This was a very good purchase and I would definitely buy it again – or even try to make it myself.. stay tuned.




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