Mac and Cheese Veggie Casserole

We made mac and cheese for father’s day yesterday and there was some leftovers of that as well as extra cheesy bechamel sauce.

To change it up a little bit, we chopped up some cauliflower and broccoli (which we boiled until tender), as well as celery and peppers, and mixed all that with the mac and cheese and extra sauce. Also added leftover sauteed onions that were in the fridge. After getting all that mixed thoroughly, I put it all into a baking pan and topped it with some panko bread crumbs.

Honestly, you could have eaten that as is, but putting it in a hot oven (375F) for like 20 minutes makes it so much better. And the panko on top gives a nice crunch.


Just a heads up, this is going to be my last cooking post for a little while because I am going on a trip to europe (yay!). Although I won’t be cooking, I will try to make some food posts because my goal is to eat my way through Europe (haha) and I would love to share that with you!


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