St Pattys Pinwheel Cookies

I’m going to a saint patrick’s day party this weekend so I wanted to do a little baking for the occasion. I’ve always wanted to make pinwheel cookies because I’ve never done it before. I knew it would be a little time consuming because of the rolling and freezing between stages, but I’m pretty happy with the results.

So I took this recipe from a website called Sugary Winzy ( Obviously that recipe is for chocolate-vanilla pinwheels, but I figured I could just adjust the recipe for my needs. I kept the whole thing vanilla and just added some green food colouring to half of the dough.

Overall they turned out pretty well. It was a super simple sugar cookie recipe. I should have added more food colouring to make a bigger contrast in the design. Also, it would be better to use gel colouring instead of liquid because they are more concentrated.


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