Chicken Curry and Aloo Gobi

I didn’t really create the recipes for these things but I wanted to share because they were delicious.

The chicken curry was from I followed exactly as the recipe said but didn’t put the yogurt or cilantro at the end.

The aloo gobi was from the instant pot website. For this recipe, the only thing I changed was that I used tomato pasata instead of diced tomato. I also needed to add a little more water than what it called for because there were quite a few brown bits on the bottom of the pot during the browning of the potatoes and the water was needed to help deglaze. I added a touch of water too, when I put the cauliflower in the pot – I just wanted to make sure there was enough liquid so that it could get pressurized.

Both recipes turned out really well but I think I like the aloo gobi more because I love the touch of sweetness in the garam masala.


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