Potato Knishes

I’ve made these once in my life (around 10 years ago). My grandma taught me how to make them and for some reason, I haven’t made them since. But I finally made them on the weekend and I’m sure she would be proud of me – she passed away a couple years ago.

If you don’t know, a knish is mashed potato wrapped in a thin dough. This is the more traditional version, but there are also knishes made with meat or onions too.

So like I just said there are 2 parts: mashed potato and dough. The mashed potato was simple russet potatoes that were boiled and mashed. To that, I added some sauteed onions, a couple eggs and salt and pepper. You really want to season this mixture well – I was adding the salt and pepper to get the flavour right, then I added the eggs after. The dough was just flour, water, vegetable oil and a pinch of salt.

You want to split this dough into 2 then roll each one until it’s almost paper thin, which was easy to do. Once it’s rolled out (making sure to keep it pretty rectangular), you can lay some of the potato mixture at one of the long ends, then roll it up like a cinnamon roll. After that, you cut it into 1 inch pieces then do your best to pinch the ends (mine were a little overstuffed so this was tough) just to keep the filling in. You also want to press down in the middle a bit. Once my pan was full, I brushed the dough with a little egg wash and popped them in a 350F oven. They ended up taking about 30 minutes to get nicely brown on the bottoms.

They are so good. You really have to make sure you have enough seasoning in the filling because otherwise they will be a little plain. The dough gets nice and crisp but then the potato is so fluffy. It’s a good combo.

I’m so happy I made these. It was a nice way to bring me back to that day when I was cooking with my grandma


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