Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Winter is the time for frozen treats – I love the irony of cold things in cold weather.

This recipe was super simple with only 4 basic ingredients, then you can add whatever mixins/other flavours. All you have to do is mix plain greek yogurt, milk, honey and vanilla in a bowl then toss it in your ice cream machine (or in the freezer, though this takes longer). Once it was the consistency of soft serve ice cream (about 12 minutes for me), I added in crushed raspberries. I just let that mix for a few more minutes until it turned a nice pink colour.

It was super refreshing and a good light snack or dessert. Since I made raspberry flavour, it was a little tart overall – I should have added a little more honey to offset that – but I just sprinkled some sweetened shredded coconut on top which was the perfect addition.

Here is another frozen yogurt I made in the past (Strawberry Frozen Yogurt)


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