Cheesecake Brownie Squares

Sorry if the title started to make your mouth water. Cheesecake and brownies are two of my favourite desserts and when combined, they go to a whole other level of yumminess.

I actually got this idea from a video I saw on facebook for oreo cheesecake brownies. I didn’t have oreos but I thought I could make my own version – with crushed pretzels. I was looking at recipes online and they all said to put the brownie mix then put the cheesecake mix on top and bake for 40ish minutes. Then I was reading comments and people kept saying that it wasn’t fully cooked/cooking evenly. So, I thought of putting the brownie mix in the pan and baking that for 20 minutes then put the cheesecake mix (and pretzels) on top of that and baking for another 20 minutes (I actually had to leave it in for about 25 minutes). My technique worked pretty well.

Now let’s talk about the actual recipe…

brownies: to be honest, I used a brownie mix and just followed the directions on the package. I don’t usually like using cake mixes, but I had one in my house and thought I should use it

cheesecake: this was from a taste of home recipe for cheesecake brownie squares, but I did my own technique (mentioned above) and just used their recipe for what goes into the cheesecake layer, which was delicious (

pretzels: I was really going for a sweet and salty combo, but it didn’t work out how I hoped it would. The pretzels ended up being very chewy and almost like styrofoam. I’m not sure if this happened because I covered and put the squares in the fridge while it was still warm or maybe I shouldn’t have put the pretzels in the oven? I have no idea. But next time, I will probably avoid pretzels altogether and maybe put chocolate chips on top instead or just leave it plain.

But overall, this was a delicious dessert and I will definitely make again if I have the chance.




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